Progress Report - same shit as last week: the song I'm working on is almost done. When I finish it, I'll work on some others. I guess I'm just that slow.

Been thinking a lot recently about the choices we make, and why we make them. Sunday night, I was trying to take some songs I can play on the guitar (Jeff Buckley and Martin Sexton tunes mostly) and transfer them over to the piano, a move necessitated by the past 3 and a half years of piano love and guitar neglect.

At the end of my junior year in college, I made a plan to spend the entire summer really working on my jazz piano skills. I made a conscious decision then to focus on the piano, with which I had little experience and even lesser ability, and shy away a bit from other instruments, like the djembe and the guitar, for which I have more of a natural affinity. On Sunday night, desperately trying to make these songs sound like something more than a series of static chords, I had to ask myself why.

I think I treated the piano like a responsibility. I knew it was the instrument that would serve me best in the most areas - accompanying myself, playing jazz, "composition," whatever. Maybe it was the wrong move. But I'm probably stuck with it.

Don't you just hate knowing that things would be so different if you had just made one decision differently a long long time ago?

I definitely could have been a great fucking drummer by now. Oh well. Guess you can't sing while you're playing drums...