New Release Presents: A Miles Davis Quintet Listening Session Bruce Morris, the owner of 5C Cafe is a jazz genius. For 30 years he's been living in the East Village, entrenched in the scene, running his own venue, going to see shows, hanging out with players. Tonight he's sharing some knowledge. Bruce is putting together a listening session of the second Miles Davis Quintet (featuring Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams, and Ron Carter and in existence from June 1965-June 1968). This will be very cool thing for those who know very little about jazz as well as the scholars out there. He'll give us a history on the record for a couple moments, and then we'll sit and listen. Bruce agreed to do this for free, so if you come, buy a coffee or something. (Their food is really good, too. All organic and raw.) Also, this is a proper listening session, so while the music is playing, silence is requested. Finally, there will be no wrestling or tramp jumping at this event. I would be totally cool with it, but Bruce is pretty anti. 5C Café 68 Avenue C at 5th Street, Manhattan 7.30-9p sharp; $free [email protected]

As seen in this week's NonsenseNYC e-mail.

This is tonight (friday). Anyone interested?