And La Da Da Dee is done.

Well, not done, exactly. But in a complete form. An arrangement I like from beginning to end. The drums could use some reworking, and the languid section of the bridge still isn't right. But it's at the point now where I could give it to someone and say "Here is a late draft of a song on my album." Last week, the best I could have said was "here are some ideas for this song that's going to be on the album."

I love this working every day thing. I was talking to a friend about it; he was concerned that by forcing myself to do it every day, I was turning it into a job. I am! I now have the best job in the world! I love doing it, but most importantly, I have to do it. Even on the days when I don't want to. Because something good will come out of those days whether I want it to or not.

This was actually one of those days. I put off getting down to work until 10 in the evening. It was just too hot. But I managed to pull it together and slog through. The turning point was a bit of self-indulgence, starting to work out harmonies for the chorus and the 2nd verse. My voice is total crap right now, so most vocals that I record are going to get redone, but I like to work out harmonies early so I can build parts on top of them. I recorded some harmonies, and the whole song really began to make sense. The chorus melody is the best part of this song, and it is coming together in this Sly and the Family way that I first envisioned two years ago and completely forgot about. Yes!

It's amazing how one little piece of magic can give everything around it such a jolt. I really like the way this song is turning out. I can't wait until it's done.