I just got home from rehearsal with the Geniuses. Since we don't have a drummer anymore, it's just me, Matty (our bass player), and my sister Marie (who sings). Matty forgot his bass, so he played acoustic guitar.

And it was so sweet. I love that feeling of friends and family making quiet music together at home. I could feel pieces falling into place tonight, grooves starting to lock in. Harmonies are starting to unfold in my head, ideas of how to really make this music beautiful. And Marie bought us these really cute band pins.

It just feels good to be with them. I can't wait to play with them onstage. I've been building up so much in the past few months as a performer and as a person, and I'm itching to give that to an audience. I need to get out there and share that feeling with the world.

But everything comes at a price. No work on the album tonight. I need to get some sleep.