Another day, another hour. I spent this one, once again, working on this new bridge section to Perfect Moment. I have only a glimmer of how it needs to go, a sort of epic lightness, that reflects, as Matty suggested to me the other day, the way my characters wait. When you're lost in your 20's, your waiting is the biggest thing you've got. Your hopes, your wonders. What comes next?

Now how do I get that big sound out of my little voice in my little room? Tip #1: If you want to make a small number of voices sound like a chorus, a Chorus plugin does not help. Not even if you throw a big choir-sized reverb after it. Neither does singing as many different parts as you can come up with.

I haven't got it yet, and I'm hanging up my headphones for the night. But sometimes it's much clearer what to do when you're not actually there to do it. When I get home tomorrow, I'll write out some 4-part harmony and triple-track it. If I can't make a bunch of people singing sound like a bunch of people singing, I might as well turn in my Logic Pro dongle and call it a day.