I really was planning to post once a week. I have all kinds of drafts in a folder called "Blog" on a variety of insightful topics ranging from the Dirty Projectors show I saw in April, to the unreleased classic Stevie Wonder snippets that have been floating around the blogosphere recently and the general "Woe to the music industry" reaction around them, to a list of the albums I love from the 21st century, and why I love them. But there just hasn't been time to polish anything off. Why?

I'm in what I like to call "lockdown mode." I have been mixing my ass off, to the neglect of basically everything else. Every day, I go to work, come home, take a nap, and mix. Dinner, sleep, repeat. Weekends, I wake up, mix, go out at night. It's a good time, but I don't think I could do it for very long.

Luckily, I won't have to, as my mixing deadline is June 30th. From there, I send it out for mastering and duplication, and release If We Were on September 16th through Rock Slinger Incorporated.

The release show with the Geniuses is planned for September 20th19th. And if lady luck will have me, I'll be off to Barcelona the following day on the 21st for Red Bull Music Academy (cross your fingers!!).

That's where I'm at for the next few. What's up with you?