In this week's Newsweek, in an article entitled The War Over Gay Marriage, I found this quote:

Polls showed that the justices have public opinion behind them: some six out of 10 Americans believe that homosexual sex between consenting adults should be legal.

What?! So four out of ten adults think it should be AGAINST THE LAW for people of the same sex to have any kind of sex in the privacy of their own homes. Are we really that stupid? Do people not really understand the difference between the legal system and their own moral beliefs, wrongheaded as they may be?

Next thing you know, we'll have 50% of Americans thinking it should be illegal to lie. We'll have people getting jail time for cheating on their girlfriends. I mean, what if I could be fined for not calling my parents often enough?! Or for, God forbid, coveting my neighbor's wife?!

I could go on and on, about how the non-recognition of gay marriage by this country is just an example of catering to Judeo-Christian morality inappropriate to an institution that determines how much income tax you pay, and Canada, and about how I'm very glad about Lawrence et. al vs. Texas, but in my heart of hearts, I find it hard to believe that such a verdict was anything less than self-evident, but what is there really to say but "My god, what is wrong with this world?"