OK, here's my problem with iTunes. It's great that you can assign album covers to your tracks. But what's the point? So you can stare at the cover while you're listening to the song? Seems kind of silly.

I've been looking, but have been unable to find, something that will let me browse my iTunes Library by Album Cover, the way I do with my real CD's. I think that would be MUCH more enjoyable than looking through lists of album names. Has anyone seen such a program?

Clutter kind of has the idea, but it doesn't pick up the art from iTunes, hasn't been updated in almost a year, and, most importantly, you have to choose and arrange onscreen the albums you want to be able to browse through. If you want to look at your whole collection, you're back to lists of names.

If you've seen anything out there, let me know. This might be an interesting project to get me back into programming...